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Ryvanz Mia Education

Educational Empowerment for vulnerable children

We believe education is the basic right of every child. With the help of our wonderful volunteers, we ensure that every child has access to basic education. We partner with schools in Ghana and other developing countries, offer workshops. We raise funds to build or renovate the school building and provide educational materials and strategies for every child with the chance to learn. We also educate children on foundational life skills, hygiene and sanitation, read books with them under One Book, One Child Project, provide homework help, bring vulnerable children back to school, teach household chores, and much more.
 Our volunteers as well as our local partner organizations in Africa are extremely passionate and provide a humble approach with the children, helping them learn the basic fundamentals of Mathematics, English, Reading, Computer Science education and writing to become a productive and thriving members of the society. Simply put, our volunteers and local organizations make it possible for every child to learn and grow effectively. Make a huge impact with your small donation.

Educate a Girl Child, Educate a Nation

When there are poverty and ignorance, girl child protection becomes the most crucial issue. While laying the foundation of the Ryvanz-Mia and the communities, we make specific arrangements to provide protection, education, and healthcare facilities to the girl-child.
Our mission is to empower, protect and educate the underprivileged child-girls from all manners of dangers to enable them to strive for their ambitions, recognize their potential, and to make informed choices. We cater to girl-child needs on an individual basis and provide individual educational support, healthcare facilities, and vocational or entrepreneurial training. A small donation has a huge impact in a girl-child.

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