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Help young women to have employable skills.

Ghana currently faces a youth unemployment rate of 12.6% with a 49.2% rate of youth underemployment, according to a 2021 Ghana living Standards Survey.

Although the onset of COVID-19 has proven to be a major contributory factor to the increasing rate, it is believed that job of job opportunities in the major factor.

Despite major investments by both government and private sector, this challenge will intensify if job opportunities remain limited.

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A 2020 World Bank report titled “Youth Employment Programs in Ghana: Options for Effective Policy Making and Implementation” suggests among other things, emphasizes on the Importance to align formal education programs and skills development initiatives in the context of a fast-changing labor market that requires new and different skill sets, and to adapt to new technology. In the nutshell, to eradicate unemployment, premier should be placed on skills training such as apprenticeship. But how do we achieve this limestone when poverty has been a blockage to many youths?

empower women Two
Empower women in sewing apprenticeship.

Do you know you can add your donation to support 20 young women in our rural communities in Ghana to be self-employed and have better lives to feed their families whiles playing a role to reduce poverty?

One of our focuses to end the year is to raise an amount of $3,400 to support and put smiles on the faces of 20 young women in our rural communities in Ghana to be trained in hairdressing, fashion design, tailoring.

A total amount of $3,400 will put a smile on the faces of 20 young women in our rural communities in Ghana. We have done it before and we are determined to do it again.

With $75 you can buy one standard sewing machine for a young woman who wants to learn sewing. A total of $1500 can buy 20 standard sewing machines.

$80 can also buy a normal hairdryer for school dropouts to have employable skills. A total of $1600 buys 20 hairdryers for 20 young women after completing their apprenticeship course.

$300 can pay apprenticeship fees and train 20 young women in hairdressing, fashion designing, and tailoring.

Your kind gesture will help us achieve our dream and reduce poverty which compels women into prostitution and other social vices. Donate today.