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Providing Medical Support & Resources

With medical care being a leading concern in the communities we serve in Africa, it is our goal to provide high quality first-aid items to those we help. We make it our mission to grant access to medications to treat diseases like typhoid, malaria and fever due to many people getting sick from poor sewerage and water systems. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence we see. Because of this, we began our campaign to solicit funds to provide and donate treated mosquito nets, face masks, distribute free hand sanitizers especially during COVID-19 pandemic , free sanitary products to female students, and many more lifesaving supplies.

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How we serve our local partners.

All our onsite volunteers and our local partners in Ghana and other developing countries work hard to provide basic medical care, organizing health training sections for our youth, children and women as well as the needy people, ensuring everyone lives a healthy life.
You, too, can be a part of this special cause and serve humanity through your efforts differently.

All this becomes possible with your generous donation. Write to us about any health issues worth discussing, send us useful health training kits. Keep supporting us to support others. A small donation has a huge impact on lives.

Sign up to become a volunteer today

If you are health worker (optional) and interested in helping create a life-changing impact by volunteering, please complete our detailed Volunteer Application Form  to introduce yourself. So we can work together to create a giving experience that will effectively serve the African population & meet your needs as a volunteer.