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Orphan Care

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Caring for Orphans

The orphan care is another highly important and a priority project that we have on our charity programs. We will like to do all we can to develop these orphans and to help them live better and more enabled lives, so you can trust us to invest your money in a profitable and highly beneficial humanitarian effort. We want to train orphans, youth, empower women to become useful and highly responsible parts of their communities, and with your support, we can help get these orphan children basic amenities to help them live better lives. From there, we will help them get a more education and to develop their own hidden potentials.
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Sponsoring a child can be very rewarding not only for the child but for the sponsor as well. When you sponsor a child you will get to know the child and become a part of their life. Once you commit to sponsoring a child, you will receive a more detailed description of the child along with a picture and a letter from the child.

With a sponsorship of 100 USD, a month provides the child of your choice with school fees, clothing, food and a chance at a better life.