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Sofiat and her quintuplet children

Update on Sofiat Mutesi and her quintuplets

SCCF-Uganda Today paid a courtesy call to Ms. Sofiat Mutesi, a 37-year-old woman who previously gave birth to twins, later triplets, and quintuplets but lost one due to poor feeding, medical care, and shelters. Check her previous post. She is apprehensive about her children because the three children are sick, no food, and need urgent medical support plus nutritious food like Silverfish and mixed flour of Soya and millets and other basic needs for both the children and herself.

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Ms.Sofiat Mutesi and her quintuplet -This is a life story from Uganda, East Africa

Ms. Mutesi said that she depends on begging food from door to door to feed large families of over 11 children plus other dependents helping her at home.

Due to extreme poverty being hit even harder by the crisis as prices for essential food items and supplies increased, right now, she can’t afford to put food on the table for their large families. She went to the community police and radios one weed back, calling any well-wishers, like-minded individuals, churches, mosques, and organizations, both local and international organizations.

Still, all was in vain, and right now, she doesn’t have any help but with your help we can put smile back to Sofiat and her quintuplets.

Ms. Mutesi said that she lives with five other children who lost their father, and these children are in school aging, but they have never started school because she doesn’t have educational materials, school fees, and other basic needs. My children are missing happiness because they lost their father and didn’t have support to take care of their children.

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Ms. Mutesi and her children, after three attempts at birth.

Extreme poverty and being discriminated against by the surviving relatives/guardians and their family members lead to being isolated, neglected, exclusion, and discrimination against from their family members and community at large because they don’t want to share materials, sit, eat and play with them.

“Am on my knees requesting any NGOs both local and international, Community Based Organization, Churches, mosques, like-minded individuals, Volunteers and Well-wishers in all countries in the world to help me, because I have nothing. My children are going to die all if I fail to get urgent medical support and food,” she said.

We need clothes, footwear, food, and medical supplies to keep this children healthy. Please donate now.

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