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Want to Help? Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child is like watering a plant to help it turn into a tree. You are investing your money in the future, as these children will be an integral part of the sophisticated and educated society. Once you decide to sponsor a child, you get all the child’s related information with a picture and a letter from a child. It takes courage to donate or volunteer and give back to a cause so important. Those we help face some of life’s most demanding challenges others can’t even imagine possible.

“With a minimum sponsorship of $40/ month, you can help a child of your choice with school uniform and tuition fees, educational materials, clothing, food, and a chance at a better life.”

Get Inspired

To keep up with all things Ryvanz-Mia Charity including seeking the welfare of the vulnerable children and reading interesting articles, head over to our Blog. You may even find yourself inspired to start crafting your blog, sending out donations to support us adding unique web content to our organization. Send us stunning images and videos from your volunteer projects. Sponsor our children now. Good luck!