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Caring for Orphans

Nothing feels so satisfying than showing care and love to those in orphanage and foster homes.

Caring for those who need it most is our number one passion. We believe in empowering, equipping, and educating others to grow into the life they were made to live. We believe in nurturing and training the orphans we help to become a thriving part of society. We do this through providing them with life-changing education and opportunities to enhance and grow their existing skills to succeed. You can help deliver incredible futures to the orphans through providing a donation, you can trust that your hard-earned money goes a long way and we sincerely appreciate your generosity in giving back.
So join our hands on this beautiful journey to accomplish a common goal to save lives and put that wonderful smiles back again! Donate Now


Providing Medical Support & Resources

With medical care being a leading concern in the communities we serve in Africa, it is our goal to provide high quality first-aid items to those we help. We make it our mission to grant access to medications to treat diseases like typhoid, malaria and fever due to many people getting sick from poor sewerage and water systems. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence we see. Because of this, we began  our campaign to solicit funds to provide and donate treated mosquito nets, face masks, distribute free hand sanitizers especially during COVID-19 pandemic, free sanitary products to female students, and many more life-saving supplies. Learn More


Educational Empowerment for Vulnerable Children.

We believe education is the basic right of every child. With the help of our wonderful volunteers, we ensure that every child has access to basic education. We partner with schools in Ghana and other developing countries, offer workshops. We raise funds to build or renovate the school building and provide educational materials and strategies for every child with the chance to learn. We also educate children on foundational life skills, read books with them, provide homework help, teach household chores, and much more.
 Our volunteers as well as our local partner organizations in Africa are extremely passionate and provide a humble approach with the children, helping them learn the basic fundamentals of Math, English, Reading, Computer Science education and writing to become a productive and thriving member of society. Simply put, our volunteers make it possible for every child to learn and grow effectively.

In simple words, our volunteers are here to make it possible for every child to learn and grow effectively.

Underprivileged Girl-Child

When living a life of poverty and ignorance, girl-child protection is a critical issue. At Ryvanz-Mia Charity, we make specific arrangements to provide shelter, education, and healthcare facilities to child-girls. We partner with our local organizations in Ghana and other developing countries to train them into adulthood. Our mission is to empower them to strive to reach their goals and ambitions, recognize their true potential, and make informed and educated choices. We cater to girl-child needs on an individual basis and provide medical, vocational or entrepreneurial training.
 Together, we can make a huge impact for our underprivileged child-girls in Ghana. We sincerely appreciate your generosity and support in helping this critical cause.
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