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Caring for Orphans

We value care at our organization and always try to pass it on to those who need it the most. We encourage other people to do the same, to help them grow and live a better life in every possible way. You can donate to us with full trust, as we ensure all your hard-earned money will go in a worthwhile and beneficial humanitarian effort.

 Our focus is on training all orphanage children, youth, and women to be one of the best helpful parts of this society and serve it in a better way. To achieve this, we thoroughly train them, ensure they get the most out of it, enhance their existing skills, and find the hidden potential.So join our hands on this beautiful journey to accomplish a common goal to save lives. Donate now!

Providing Medical Support & Resources

We believe medical care is one of Africa’s leading concerns, so we seek to provide top-quality first-aid boxes to the children. We focus on improving people’s living quality and work to re-construct poor toilet sewerage systems and the water systems and provide medications for malaria and fever, which affect the underdeveloped rural communities a lot.It’s everyone’s right to take advantage of the basic resources to live a better life; that’s why we distribute face masks, especially during COVID-19, free sanitary products to female students, and much more.



Educational Empowerment

Education is the basic right of every child. With the help of our volunteers, we are ensuring that every child has access to basic education. We have partnered with different schools, workshops, and offered educational strategies for every child.We also train children about the basic rules of living a life, read books with them, help with homework, household chores, and much more.

All our volunteers are super passionate and humble towards children, helping them learn basic Maths, English, reading, and writing to become a useful part of society. 

In simple words, our volunteers are here to make it possible for every child to learn and grow effectively.

Underprivileged Girl-Child

When there are poverty and ignorance, girl child protection becomes the most crucial issue. While laying the foundation of the Ryvanz-Mia Charity Corp, we make specific arrangements to provide shelter, education, and healthcare facilities to the girl-child. Our mission is to empower the underprivileged child-girls to strive for their ambitions, recognize their potential, and make informed choices. We cater to girl-child needs on an individual basis and provide personal, educational support, healthcare facilities, and vocational or entrepreneurial training.

Together,we can make a huge impact in our underprivileged girl-child in Ghana.Thank you in advance for your generosity and support today.Donate Now